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Rebecca J. Weiford

 My name is Rebecca J. Weiford. I hold a Masters Degree in Biochemistry with a specialty in both toxicology and reproductive endocrinology. I have done clinical research for The Cleveland Clinic.

After early retirement, I needed to do something with the rest of my life and remembered the wonderful caramels my grandmother taught me to make every Christmas. These confections were the highlight of all of our family’s holiday entertainment. They were beautifully packaged both as hostess gifts and as tokens of appreciation for everyone who had brought light into our lives over the course of the year. Everyone loved them.

I thought that if I could create caramels of this quality and endow them with a unique and glorious taste my grandmother, were she still living, would not only approve, she would be proud of. I became a confectioner under the name Sassy Delight Confectioner.

Sassy Delight proudly introduces our BARTENDER SERIES of delightful chewy butter rich caramels endowed with the tantalizing taste of America’s favorite mixed drinks then drenched in a royal dark chocolate. Freshly made using real butter, and the finest natural ingredients available.